BBC 1Xtra Charlie Sloth TV Show- Visualisation

Pitch – To create the biggest online video brand for young audiences about hip-hop in the U.K and beyond.

Combining the credibility of 1Xtra, with the best elements of street broadcasting and the outrageous personality of Charlie Sloth, the idea was to create a hugely entertaining – yet authoritative – weekly destination for U.K rap fans within the BBC iPlayer.

Created for the content creators Somethin Else

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Channel 4 Game – Sticks and Stones

Commissioned by Channel 4 Education.

It’s a game about bullying. It’s not a game about bullies.

In the game you play as one of four new students at Northshore Academy. As the new kids you start the year at the bottom of the social ladder. The only way to climb the ladder is to gain Kudos by playing mini games and by moving along the game board towards the end of the school year.